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Our clients

Our methodology – Integrated Venture Engineering (IVE) – is grounded in the insight that a business is a complex system.

It is made of hundreds of parts, people & processes arranged in such a way that what emerges is a product form factor and operational model that fulfil three System Functions simultaneously:

  1. Eliminate a customer loss (Create Value)

  2. Drive sustained adoption (Exchange Value)

  3. Create sustainable profits for investors/owners (Capture Value)

A Business System can only fulfil its three functions if the underlying arrangement of parts, people & processes – or Business Pattern – is aligned.

Most innovation takes place in served markets, where aligned Business Patterns already exist and design thinking/lean start-up approaches are effective at improving the customer experience.

TIL works exclusively in the blue-ocean un-markets – where Market Barriers prevent conventional business models from ever achieving profitability, no matter how many units of product are sold. In un-markets, new Business Systems resting on new Business Patterns must be created.

When lean startup and design thinking are used in un-markets, ventures launch MVPs that are built to fail, as they import the Market Barrier into their underlying Business Pattern.

IVE applies a rigorous, systems-engineering approach to innovating Minimum Viable Business Patterns that works around the Market Barrier and ensures the underlying Business Pattern is aligned.

Our Work

Education: Pearson’s Tomorrow’s Markets Incubator

TIL has incubated multiple education ventures across the UK, US, China, Brazil, and South Africa, with a focus on profitably serving learners that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Our work with Pearson has been published by Said Business School as an MBA case here.

Finance: Barclays & BlackRock

TIL has worked extensively with Barclays since 2013 to bring banking services to underbanked and unbanked consumers around the world, building ventures that allow those consumers to access credit, escape debt and gain better control of their finances, enabling the bank to create profitable routes into entirely new and unserved markets.

Details of our work with Barclays features in this 2016 HBR article.

Automotive: BMW

The automotive industry is preparing for the future of mobility – connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles – and our work with leading OEM’s has been to build profitable ventures that align with these industry-changing trends.

For more information about our work in this space, read BMW’s press release, and the CEO of Alphabet UK speaks to industry leaders about TIL.

Energy: International Finance Corporation

Working with early-stage ventures, established players and the International Finance Corporation to create profitable business models within the sustainable energy space. TIL has created business modelling software tools to pave a path to profitability for pioneering technologies in off-grid solar.

Our team

Milan Samani, Partner

Milan is a founding partner of TIL Ventures. His career began as a chartered accountant working in audit and corporate finance and he later co-founded and exited his first entrepreneurial venture. In 2013, Milan created The Intrapreneur Lab, a corporate innovation accelerator in collaboration with Accenture, Said Business School, Cornell, INSEAD and the Gordon Institute of Business Science and used by some 20 global corporations such as Philips, GSK and MasterCard.

Milan guest lectures at Said Business School and is published in Harvard Business Review.

Erik Simanis, Partner

Erik is a founding partner of TIL Ventures and former Head of Frontier Markets at Cornell University. He is an authority on Venture Innovation and go-to-market strategies for creating and shaping new mass markets, having guided start-ups, green-field ventures, and corporate venture teams across Eastern Europe, Africa, South Asia, and South America over the past 20 years.

Erik holds a PhD in Management from Cornell and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His work is published in leading management journals, including the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and The Wall Street Journal.


TIL has a full-time team of Venture Developers and Assistant Venture Developers who work directly with corporate venture teams to conceive and develop novel product form factors and operational models.

Working at TIL

TIL Partners and Venture Developers work with clients as single venture teams.

The working environment at TIL is one of:


Venture Developers and Assistant Venture Developers work closely with Partners on all aspects of ventures, learning how to conceive and create new ventures across diverse sectors. Our alumni typically become founders themselves or take senior positions in startups


Every aspect of the venture is defined through extensive and careful logical analysis


Working at TIL is challenging and stimulating and we value work/life balance and flexible working patterns.

Details of open vacancies may be found here.

Published papers and articles

TIL Ventures’ partners are published in leading business journals and news-media


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